VDA Webinars


Starting soon, the VDA will present monthly VDA Webinars in which a SPM (Specialist Member) or a guest specialist will be invited to present a topic of their choice that is of interest and value to GPMs (General Practitioner Members). 

Webinars are free to VDA member veterinarians, student members (VDA membership is free), member RVTs and member nurses and to the practise managers and other professional clinic staff of member practises in which all veterinarians, RVTs and nurses are VDA members. 

Webinars are available for a limited period to non-member veterinarians, non-member veterinary students, non-member RVTs, non-member nurses and practise managers at non-member practices.

When the program becomes available, a link will appear on the VDA website, which will allow members and guests (non-member veterinarians, RVTs, nurses and practise managers) to register for the webinars.  The subject of the upcoming webinar will be announced to members in Barks 'n Bytes as well as in Hot Topics on the VDA website.  Webinars will be presented in the USA, Australia, Hong Kong and South Africa local time and will be made available on the VDA Webinar page for members to listen to later at their leisure.  Each webinar will be conducted by a presenter and there will be a question and answer session at the end, in which questions sent in during the session will be answered (time allowing). 

Participation times are logged for each member and can be automatically accessed and saved by members to serve as proof of continuing education.