Veterinary Defence 
South Africa

Professional Protection SA

Members receive unlimited, comprehensive professional protection throughout their careers. 

VDA South Africa is a mutual, non-profit, non-commercial association of South African registered veterinarians, established in 1992.

The VDA uses its funds to provide protection services to its members (terms and conditions apply).  The professional protection services include:


  1. Unlimited advice and guidance, 24 hours a day, seven days a week
  2. Alternate Dispute Resolution
  3. Defence of SAVC complaints
  4. Support for investigations by other relevant statutory controlling bodies, like the Medicine Control Council
  5. Defence against actions made against a member by non-statutory organisations and clubs, like the SPCA, Kennel Union of SA, National Racing Authority
  6. Statutory Criminal Defence
  7. CCMA defence
  8. Civil Medical Negligence Claims
  9. General Liability, including Public Liability cover, Employers Liability and Defamation, wrongful arrest and statutory defence costs - covered under a separate insurance policy purchased by the VDA to cover the VDA and its members. 


The VDA provides members with a comprehensive set of consent forms and certificates, bulletins on best practice protocols, as well as notices and other useful information.  This information is available under MyVDA on the VDASA website. Members also receive a regular VDA newsletter.

Veterinarians join the VDA when they graduate and retire from the VDA at least three years after they provide their very last professional service.